How To Become A Succussful Blogger In 2017

Got a blog? Thinking of starting?  Join the club, who doesn’t.

These days it’s actually rare to meet someone who doesn’t either have a blog or Whether it’s a photofeed, a vlog, a portfolio of writing, some kind of coaching, documentation of travel, or just an active social media page, everyone and their mother (literally) seems to be a blogger.

As you can imagine, I get questions from people all of the time asking how they can start a successful blog. They want to travel indefinitely, blog about their experiences, and somehow make a living in the process.

But… they’re unsure how to do it, afraid to expose themselves vulnerably, and are concerned about the oversaturated marketplace out there.

With good reason. Frankly, the world doesn’t need another blogger. There are plenty of us out there. Perhaps, too many out there.

So many that it’s hard to be noticed, hard to grow an audience, hard to differentiate yourself, hard to be seen.

The world doesn’t need another blog.
But… the world does need you. The world,does need your voice.

The world does need your unique gifts. And you deserve to be read, heard, and seen. So even though the world doesn’t need another blog, create one anyway.

Not to say that being a blogger is at all easy or glamorous. It takes a ton of work, dedication, courage, and humility. If you’re looking for an easy way to travel and make money, there are way better paths you can follow.

However if you’re aching to dig into the depths of your soul, reveal yourself layer by layer to the world, and shatter your ego through the radically kind and shockingly mean responses of strangers, welcome to my world. You belong here.

In this post I’ll share with you both the practical and emotional lessons I’ve learned in my journey becoming a “successful” blogger.

My intention is to help you process whether this path is right for you, and to offer you the necessary insights to walk it more courageously and consciously.

Those top bloggers, with their armies of fans, making waves across the Internet. What do they have that you don’t?

Is this feat even possible when you know next to nothing about blogging?

Absolutely, but only if you follow this guide and apply the lessons I’m about to share.

Let me, however, prepare your mind. Becoming a successful blogger involves doing ground work which includes learning a lot and then applying everything you’ve learned.

Unfortunately, most people think that the journey to making huge money online is a matter of setting up a blog, publishing some crappy content, putting up some Google ads, and then

If this is how you think, I can assure you that you are only going to become a successful dreamer.

Forgive me for being rude, but I can’t find a better way to say it.

Becoming A Successful

So many years ago, I started my first blog. But before I did, I read hundreds of blog posts
and consumed a ton of PDFs that contained tips on blogging and how to become a successful blogger.

What did I do right?

Bring your seat closer and pay attention as I unveil everything to you. I promise not to hold anything back (except my password of course)!

5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Blogger In 2017

Step 1: Become A Voracious Reader:

Becoming a successful blogger includes being a voracious and ardent reader.

I am sure you’ve heard the

“Readers are leaders.”
That’s right.

When you read extensively, you are gifted with the same knowledge successful people have.

I get tons of emails from folks who want to do what I do:

“ Hey, I want to become a
successful blogger like
you .”

But I am always stunned at how shallow their knowledge is about the business.

Interestingly, when I ask these people how many books they’ve read so far on the topic of blogging, marketing,bself-improvement, time management, and all the other blogging related topics, they always answer with the same thing:

Typically, every great and
successful entrepreneur, and yes successful bloggers, are folks who are committed to a life of learning, and how they
learn is by consuming the
knowledge of the industry to which they belong.

Running a blog is running a business, and if you don’t go to ” school” and constantly learn, you’re going to fall behind.

Every successful person I know is a voracious reader. They constantly try to improve their skills and knowledge. You must always be student. You must always learn.

After all, why reinvent the wheel?
Read what experts have to say, learn what works, and apply the tips you pick up to your blog. If
someone has been there and done that, why try to learn that through trial and constant error?Read the best way to do it… and do it! I consume marketing books, management, writing,history books, and biographies.

Even if you only get one idea from the book, that book was
worth it.

Do you still desire to be a
successful blogger?

I challenge you to start by reading at least 20 books/
blog posts on how to run a successful blog.

This is perhaps the best strategy to becoming a successful blogger.

Here is a great place to start. You can check out:

How To Create A Blog In Few Minutes

Reason Why You Don’t Make It In Blogging

The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Blog Traffic


101 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog


Here is the apps that I use to
read posts & books:

Flipboard (great for content discovery).
Step 2: Dare To Be Different:

Whatever you are going to write
about, try to present that subject
in a way that hasn’t been done

If everyone is sharing sponsored content, don’t. If everyone is writing text, make a video.

If everyone is serious, be funny. If everyone has complex designs, go simple and visual. If everyone is doing one-off blog posts, create a story through a series of posts that keep people coming back for more.

According to E.E. Cummings ,
“To be yourself and nobody
else in a world that is doing its
best both night and day to make
you like everybody else, means
to fight the toughest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

One of the things I told myself while starting out was never to act or be like anybody but myself.

You know that there are a lot of bloggers out there. Some are successful and some are not.

The primary thing that will distinguish you from them is the way you communicate and air your opinions.

I’ve heard people tell me to write this way or write that way. I always welcome their views of course, but I go ahead and do what I feel is right for me and my audience.

So basically, if someone I love and admire has their blog’s design in a way that I like, I go ahead and do something different. I make it more unique to myself.

Similarly, if someone I know
publishes a sponsored post on their blog, I publish an interview post.

If someone I follow closely puts up a text-based article, I make an audio post.

Doing this will make you stand out from the 70 million other bloggers on the internet.

I’m not saying you should be
doing the exact opposite of what others are doing, but you should try to always do something your own way without imitating anyone.

Initially, it may seem like too
much of a task to do something different, but the only way to really become successful is by moving out of your comfort zone.

Always innovate — do  something different and unique.

Step 3: Invest In Yourself And Your Blog

Sadly, a lot of newbie bloggers and average bloggers don’t like to hear this.

They prefer to waste their time and energy in merry-go-rounding on the internet searching for FREE ways to promote and manage their blog.

But here’s the truth:

To achieve success with your
blog means to start thinking
of your blog as a business.

The only distinguishing factor
between successful bloggers
and failed bloggers is the
intentionality and willingness
to invest in themselves and in
their blogs.

So you will see bloggers like
Darren Rowse, Syed Balkhi, Neil Patel, and Jeff Bullas (among many others) get serious with their blog by investing money into every part of their marketingfunnels. It’s little wonder how they rake in all that money and success.

You can quickly double your
odds and become a successful blogger yourself by simply viewing money as an investment that is sure to yield a high ROI.

I read a lot of blogs (top blogs, average blogs, and new blogs), and I can categorically tell you that the only difference in these blogs is their ability to spend a few extra dollars to spread the word about their blogs across the internet.

For a long time, I avoided spending any money on this website. I bootstrapped everything and viewed every expense negatively.

“That designer would be nice but I can’t afford it. I’ll just create a crappier design myself.”

But I soon realized money spent
wisely is an investment. Now I
pay for designers, SEO auditors,
conferences, video and audio
editors, copy editors, and much

This allows me to improve
the reader experience, develop
useful products, work on other
projects, and free up time to write. I focus on my core competencies and hire the rest out.

It’s easy to say, “Oh, that conference is too much. I don’t want to spend that much.” But if that conference results in one strong business connection that leads to new sales or a guest posting opportunity, then the conference is worth it. (See
below for some good conferences to attend.)

Businesses invest in themselves
— and you need to do the same.
It can be easy for me to say now, but even when you start, spending a little bit of money can go a long way. I didn’t start out hiring lots of people. I hired one person, then another, then another. Even if you spend a few
hundred dollars on snazzier
banners, that can go a long way
to improving your readers’

So, if you are truly committed
to becoming a successful
blogger, you have to rethink
your strategy and be ready to
invest money into yourself
and your blog.

Step 4: Be Niche:
Back when I started blogging, it was easy to maintain a tech website.

You could cover a wide range of
tech topics and face little
competition. There was only a
handful of bloggers. Now, there
are too many long-established
blogs and websites to do that.
(And you’d also be way behind in
Google search results.)

Moreover, focusing lets you
become an expert. You can be
the person to whom readers
always turn for information on
this subject or that destination,
which allows you to cultivate a
bigger presence online.

Don’t try to be everything to
everyone. Go narrow. Go deep.

Step 5. Create And
Sell Products:

Since we have established the
fact that your blog is a business, let’s walk through the process of becoming a business entity.

Simply by viewing your blog
as a business , you get closer
to the point of becoming a
successful blogger. However,
you will need to put some highly crucial things in place first.

What things?

Well, let’s first look at what a
business is. Business, as defined in one of my speaking engagements:

“Any organization that
centers around the
creation of products and
services for mankind’s
To further buttress my definition,
defines “business”

“An economic system
or organization where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Ultimately,
every business needs some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit (This also buttresses the point I made
above about investment).”
So what things do you need?

As you can already see from
the definitions above, you need to create and sell products/services if you want to build a successful

Bloggers like Michael Hyatt , Yaro Starak , Brian Clark ,
and Ramsay of Blog Tyrant (among many others)
have learned to invest time,
energy, and money on creating timeless and useful products.

This information comes in the form of eBooks, software, themes, plugins, online courses, etc. so that their audience can learn and advance their understanding in a short amount of time.

Let’s Wrap Up

These four strategies I’ve shared here will positively transform your life and help you become a successful blogger, even when you don’t have any experience at all.

I’d love to hear your comments as to what has helped you become a successful blogger when you were first starting out.

Or, if you are just starting out on
your blogging journey, what
techniques are you using to
help your efforts along? Shout
out your thoughts in the
comments below!

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