Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide Of Finding Lucrative Keywords


If you’ve set up a blog for your internet business, your blog would rarely thrive if you’re not getting organic traffic from search engines.

Granted, you may have a huge number of social media follower who t follow your link each time you publish a new blog post. And you may have a lot of referral visits every time you post a excerpt of your latest article on Nairaland (which, to me is a questionable strategy).

But these strategy won’t bring a steady flow of traffic. You’ll just get a traffic surge each time you publish a new post. And the traffic would dwindle down to unit numbers until you publish a new post again.

However, if you publish new and intriguing post every day (for instance, in case you’re in entertainment niche), you can attract steady traffic from social media, because people will follow each new link—provided the headline is catchy enough.
But, in case you’re blogging in other niche, or you can’t publish new posts day by day, then you won’t have the capacity to attract appreciable traffic consistently—except you rank in Google for your target keyword.

Just by implementing proven SEO tactics, would you be able to have your blog’s pages ranking high in Google and attracting lots of visits consistently —even if you don’t publish new posts regularly. So, leveraging the power of Google is a surefire way to drive visitors to your blog.

I simply figured out the keywords that people were using to search Google for the information I share on my blog. Then I optimized my post for these keywords. After half a month, the posts appeared on Google’s front page for the keywords I optimized them for. And that was how the traffic continued coming.

Now, let me show you how to discover keywords that will direct people to your blog even when you’re not publishing new posts as often as possible.

I have treid and tested the new Google Planner, and I observed it is great — if not better then the old Google keyword Tool. So, I’ll be showing you how to get your keywords using the new Google Planner

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Follow these steps:

    Visit and login using your Google Account details(enter your Gmail username and password if you use Gmail). If you don’t have a Gmail account, Click on “sign up” button to start your registration.

  • Follow the steps in the registration process and provide the required answers. Make sure to finish your registration.
  • You can either tap the link on the registration success page to get to your Adwords account, or open again to enter your username and password.

  • In the green menu bar shown, Tap on “Tools and analysis” and select “Keyword Planner” from the drop down menu list. Bellow is the screenshot of the keyword planner page:
  • keyword-research

    On the Keyword Planner page, click “search for keyword and ad group ideas “ . (You have no business with the other two choices; ignore them.)

  • In the drop down box, enter your main blog topic in the column for “Your product or service “. For instance, in case you’re blogging about Nigerian movies, enter “nigerian movies ” . (You have no business with the “landing page” and “product category” columns; ignore them.)
  • keyword-research

    In the “Targeting” section, choose Nigeria (this should b the default value ) in case you’re focusing on a Nigerian audience. In fact, you can target Lagos only, or Abuja only, in case you’re focusing only readers in these cities. In case you’re focusing on global audience, click “Remove all” at the upper right corner of them box. Click outside the box to save your settings.

  • In the “Customize your search “ section, click the “Keyword filters “ box, and set the “Average monthly searches “ to greater than 100 or 50. (Any keyword that attract less than that is useless – in my opinion.) ignore the “Average CPC” box.
  • Click the “Include or exclude “ box, enter your keywords (“nigerian movies” in our example) in the “include terms” box, and ignore the “Exclude term “ box. Bellow is what you should have after clicking out of the box:


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  • Click the “Get ideas “ button, and wait for the result.
  • In the result page, click the “Keywords ideas “ tab, and wait again.


  • The next page will show a list of keyword that you should target. Below is a screenshot of what I got after hitting the “Keywords ideas “ tab:


The result page shows Keyword Ideas, average monthly search, competition , and average CPC values (you have no business with the average CPC values).

You have better chance of ranking quickly for low competition keyword than you have for medium and high competition keywords. So, you can begin with the low competition keywords, but you should target all keyword, aside from those that are not in line with your topic.

Here are the 15 keywords I got:

—> Nigerian movies download

—> Watch free Nigerian movies online

—> download Nigerian movies

—> Nigerian movies free download

—> latest Nigerian movies

—> Free Nigerian movies download

—> watch Nigerian online

—> download free Nigerian movies

—> watch free Nigerian movies

—> Free Nigerian movies

—> Nigerian movies on youtube

—> Nigerian movies online

—> Nigerian movies youtube

—> Youtube Nigerian movies

—> watch Nigerian movies

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So, if you have a blog about Nigeria Movies, you should optimize your blog post for those keyword. If you do, chance are high that you’ll rank for them quickly, and you’ll generate lots of traffic from Google.

Here’s another thing you should keep in mind: The higher your chance of ranking high for it. That is, you have a brighter chance of ranking high for “watch free Nigerian movies online ” than for “watch Nigerian movies”. (This is not always the case, though. So, try to optimize for all keywords that come your way. But you can stay clear of keyword phrases that contain just 2 words– e.g. “Nigerian movies”.)

PS: You’ll need a very good internet connection to use the Google Keyword Planner. And note that you con not conduct keyword research using a mobile phone.

Any comments or questions?
If you have any additions, comments or question, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll readily respond:)

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