How To Make Your Blog Visitors Check Back Repeatedly


At times getting traffic to your new blog is no big deal. One-time traffic, I mean.
A single guest post on a power blog in your niche can bring 1,000 new visitors to your blog within three (3) days. A single helpful post of yours that hits the Nairaland landing page can produce 1,500 new visits inside two (2) days. Furthermore, a single Facebook or Twitter update containing a link to your blog can produce more than 1,000 new visits within one week. It could be that simple.
Additionally, paid promotions on Nairaland and high-traffic blog in your niche can send a great many new visitors to your blog. Getting traffic could be that direct.
But the sad part is , such spikes in traffic are usually short-lived. After only maybe a couple days—or possibly a week at most—the entire thing bites the dust down. And your blog is back to its low-traffic self. Every one of those thousands of new visitors have arrived on your blog, read the stuff that pulled in them, and left for good—always in generally cases.
You don’t need that.

What you need is reliable traffic.

You need your blog to attract hundreds to thousand of visits reliably—with minimal effort on your part.

Well, the truth is, you can easily achieve that by setting up what is called an “email list” (additionally called mailing list or newsletter) right from the begin.
An email list is basically an accumulation of email. And by setting up one, you’ll have the capacity to catch the email locations of some of your visitor with the aim of communicating with them and sending them to your blog to read your subsequent posts.
So rather than attracting visitors and then losing them forever, you’d have the capacity to hold some of them with an email list.

Presently, let me bring a familiar example :

Keep in mind the first time you landed on my blog, Gidiplanet? You loved the content, no doubt. But it wasn’t because you loved the content that make you visit my blog many times after that. Thereby joining my email list. If you hadn’t joined my list, You would probably have forgotten about the blog by now—simply like many other visitors who didn’t try joining my list.

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Furthermore, after joining my list, you begun getting email notifications each time I publish a new post on my blog. That way, both my name also and that of my blog got to be enrolled at the forefront of your thoughts. You got to be more persuaded about my skill. What’s more, you believed me the more. Without my email list, I couldn’t have accomplished all that.

How an email list functions
As I expressed before, an email list is simply a collecting of email addresses. In any case, gathering messages into your list isn’t as basic as it sounds.
You have to set up a mailing list membership frame through which intrigued guests will willfully select into your mailing list. Take note of that it is illicit to add individuals’ messages to your rundown without their assent (that is spam!).
Presently, the huge challenge is that most people will not readily give you their email addresses, particularly now that spamming is normal. Along these lines, basically setting up a mailing list subscription form might not be enough to convince people to opt in to your list.

To defeat the challenge , you require to offer what is called a “ethical bribe”. This is an incentive that is attractive enough to compel visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. It could be a e-book or video containing information that most of your visitors will deem valuable and will be eager to have.
So, if you promise to deliver a free e- book or e-course to anyone who subscribes to your mailing list, numerous of your visitors will be constrained to pick into your list since they don’t need to pass up a great opportunity for the freebie. In any case at that point, your freebie must be extremely convincing.
With time your email list will develop steadily as more individuals pick in. The rate at which new individuals will join your list relies on upon your traffic volume and your ethical bribe — how powerful it is.

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7 Reasons why you should have an email list

1. Personal and private communication
Email permits you to arrive your message directly into your subscribers inbox, without any external factors limiting your reach.This helps you to build a one-on-one relationship with your supporters.
Your subscribers can read your message secretly in light of the fact that it’s not on an open divider or course of events. What’s more, they can make inquiries specifically with certainty. Many individuals are most certainly not OK with making inquiries on gatherings and web-based social media.

2. Targeted reipients
By subscribing to your mailing list, your supporters have as of now demonstrated their enthusiasm for learning more from you. What’s more, they’ve given you the agree to send them stuff.
This implies they will in all likelihood click to peruse any email you send to them. Furthermore, they will make any move ask — whether it’s to peruse your most recent blog entry or purchase an item or administration that you suggest.
As you send increasingly messages to your endorsers and study their criticism designs, you’ll have the capacity to comprehend what they like and convey a greater amount of it to them.

3. Consistent and Repeat Traffic
Regardless of the possibility that you’re not getting traffic from whatever other source, your email list subscribers will always be there to read your blog post. If you have a mailing list of 2,000 subscribers, and each of your messages get a 10% open rate, that means about 200 subscribers will read your email.
So , sending a message to such a list notifying them of your new blog post will drive 200 visitors to that blog post. What’s more, that is cool. The more your subscribers , the more traffic you’ll send to your blog posts.
I understand that SEO, if done well, can likewise bring traffic reliably. Yes, that true. But most visitors won’t return again unless you catch them with a mailing list.SEO bring consistent traffic, but not repeat traffic—which is what you need to build trust.
NOTE: Never expect 100% open rates for your email. Some subscribers will just get your ethical bribe and never read your consequent messages. Some will read your email at first, but will stop later.

4. Higher chance to being read
In terms of probability of being read, email trumps social media and other blog promotion methods . The average Facebook or Twitter client gets several update day by day, so chances are high that a message sent to your followers on those channels will get buried in the heap or pushed down the feed even before they go to see it.
Not so with email. The normal email client gets less 10 or less messages day by day. In this way, your email will in all likelihood be seen and perused.

5. Increased trust
Since email communication is one- on-one, it helps you to build a relationship with your subscribers quickly. The more they get valuable email from you, the more they’ll believe you. Also, what happens when you succeed in building trust?
Whatever you offer available to be purchased, sell like wild!

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6. Automation
Virtually everything about managing a mailing list is automated. You can automatically deliver your free e- book or e-course to another subscribers. You can send an email to thousand of subscribers with the click of a button. You can even automatically add each subscribers name to the email, so it appears to them as if you mailed them personally . What’s more, you can schedule series of email for future delivery.

7. Security
An email list gives you peace of mind as a netpreneur. For exmple, you lose your blog to hackers or something turns out badly somewhere else, you can rest assured that you can always reach out to your subscribers whenever you want. So, you can keep speaking with them by means of email until you get over the issue.

How to set up your mailing list
Since you’ve understand what an email list is, how it works, and why its important, your next step is to learn how o set up your own mailing list. Sure Gidiplanet will work on it soon

How do you go about it? Let hear you from you at the comment box below and dont forget to share this with your friend and family.

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