10 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog (Apart From absense )


To many Nigerian bloggers, there’s just a single approach to profit from a blog: Google Adsense . But there are many best ways to make money from your blog apart from absense

To such individuals, it’s Adsense or nothing. That is the reason they’re more than willing to get a Google Adsense account and start slapping up the ads on your blogs.
Also, if their application for Adsense gets rejected, they feel like failad bloggers — because they don’t know of other monetization strategies.

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Indeed, even the few that know about other approaches to profit from a blog can just specify a few aside Adsense.
Presently, imagine a scenario in which I told that there are. well more than 100 approaches to adapt a blog? Yes, there are.
Be that as it may, in this post, I will uncover 10 simple approaches to profit from your blog appropriate here in Nigeria.


1. Private advertisements

Rather than having restless evenings over the dismissal of your application for an Adsense account or the boycott of your record, you can offer advertisement space on your blog specifically to sponsors. Along these lines, you’ll take all the cash what’s more, be in absolute control.

Linda Ikeji and Paschal Okafor are cases of Nigerian bloggers who earn substantial sums of money from their web journals by offering promotion space to sponsors.
In any case, to draw in publicists to your blog, you require great movement . No organization will promote on a blog pulling in only 100 guests for each day.
Organizations promote on online journals that pull in a large number of day by day visits and online visits. All the more imperatively, promoters adore focused on movement. That is, you ought to have a particular gathering of people. An organization offering cell phones and tablets would like to publicize on a innovation blog, not on an stimulation blog. Why?

Since the tech blog’s gathering of people is that organization’s objective market. Indeed, even after you’ve begun creating enormous movement on your blog, promoters won’t not stop by osmosis, particularly in case you’re in a aggressive specialty. In this way, you may need to get in touch with them, letting them know about your blog, your activity, and the benefits they’ll pick up from publicizing on the blog.
Always paying special mind to promoters is the way to making cash reliably from promotion space offering. In any case, a few web journals are sufficiently famous to draw in clients naturally.

2. Sponsored posts and reviews

Rather than promoting specifically by having their standards showed on your blog, a few publicists will ask for that you compose a post about their business. In such post, you will acquaint your perusers with the business, survey their items on the other hand benefits, and examine how these offers can profit your perusers.
Likewise with show advertisements, you require enormous, focused on activity to pull in sponsors to distribute supported posts and audits on your blog.

3. Affiliste Marketing.

I have as of now clarified subsidiary promoting and how it functions in one of my past posts (click here to perused it). In this way, I won’t characterize it here.
Affiliate Marketing is a standout amongst the most lucrative approaches to adapt your blog, particularly in case you’re focusing on a worldwide gathering of people. One good thing about this system is, you needn’t bother with huge amounts of visits to earn substantial sums of money from it.

You have the alternative of either showing affiliate barnner ads on your blog or writing review posts about items that you’re showcasing. I lean toward the last choice since it helps your perusers know more about the items and is more liable to persuade them to make a buy.
Amazon and Commission Junction are cases of member systems you can enroll with in case you’re focusing on a worldwide gathering of people. Be that as it may, if you’re searching for Nigerian member projects, Jumia and Konga both have member programs that compensation great commissions.

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4. Ebooks and other digital products.

I guess you’s familiar with ebooks. That is to say, you’ve seen them on many web blog, where they’re either given away for nothing or set available to be purchased.
You, as well, can profit from your blog by composing a digital book and offering it to your blog perusers. On the off chance that your e-book is on a subject that many individuals truly need to know more about , at that point it will offer well, and you’ll make great cash.

Correspondingly, you can make other computerized items, for example, recordings and podcasts — in case you’re more OK with those. In any case, for the time being, ebooks offer preferred and quicker over recordings and different types of computerized content. The reasons? To start with, they’re more acquainted with ebooks. What’s more, second, most Nigerians can’t bear to spend the enormous information on video downloads.

5. E-courses

In case you’re truly loaded with stuff that individuals are longing to pay you to learn, you can make an e-course as opposed to a digital book or video. The principle contrast is that you’ll discharge the substance of an e-course as lessons on the other hand modules over a predefined period, what’s more, you’ll offer to answer questions also, give different types of bolster that members may require.
Bloggers make predictable salary by over and again arranging their e-courses after each a few months. My good friend Mr Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin of NaijaWritersCoach.com makes great cash utilizing this methodology.
presently, I’m running my e-course on freelance written work, the writing income Masterclass, which began on Monday, August 4, 2017.

6. Counsulting.

This is for the masters. In the event that you have a long time of involvement in a specific field and have begun a blog to share your insight with others, then you can profit by beginning a counsulting service.

For exmple, in case you’re a serial business person with numerous years of involvement in the business world and a decent number of effective organizations added to your repertoire, you can profit from your blog by rendering your business counseling administrations to independent venture proprietors who are enthusiastic to figure out how to develop their business.
Mr Ajaero Tony Martins (of Mytopbusinessideas.com and Strategicbusinessteam.com) makes a killing every month from his online journals by counseling for private venture proprietors in Nigeria and past.

7.Paid membership/ premium contect.

You can choose to set aside a few topnotch information on your blog and turn that into premium content. That is, you charge your reader a certain fee to grant them access your topnotch content
Correspondingly, you can set up a different site or gathering where you can share your topnotch substance, however charge individuals a month to month get to expense.
This monetization strategy can as it were work for you in case you’re truly stacked with heaps of profitable data that your perusers can scarcely discover somewhere else.
Copyblogger is one of the well known sites I realize that profit utilizing this procedure.

8.Freelancing Freelancing.

This simoly means rendering service and getting paid on a for each- contract premise without being formally joined to a business.
You can profit through your blog by rendering your administrations as a freelancer. This requires you have an expertise that individuals are eager to pay you for, however. Cases of such abilities incorporate composition (my forte), representation configuration, blog establishment what’s more, setup, etc.

If you have any such skill,create a “hire me ” or “my service ” page on your blog, so your readers will awere of what you do and ow they will benefit from it.

9. Physical product.

What you can sell on your blog isn’t restricted to digital product. you can sell physical stuff too.
For exmple, in case you’re a design blogger and have a private venture that offers women wears and frill, your blog can be an powerful instrument for showcasing your business and for offering your items. Remember, nonetheless, that you should devise an approach to handle installment, shipping, and other indispensable issues.
Parktel Online , a cell phone retail outlet in Lagos, embraces this system. They have an tecnology blog where they share data about most recent tech gadgets and market their business

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10. Live training and seminars.

Another lucrative blog adaptation procedure is to offer live preparing and workshops to the individuals who are eager to gain from you. Many individuals learn better in a one-on-one, eye to eye setting. Such would like to pay for live instructional meetings and workshops.

Akin Alabi make good money by steging live seminars on information marketing.
There you have it!
Now, that you have learn thet best ways to make money from your blog, if somebody asks you how to adapt a blog, you now know a great number of answers to give. Furthermore, as I expressed prior, there are still numerous more choices, yet I stayed put on these 10 in light of the fact that any genuine Nigerian blogger can execute them effectively.

In any case, these techniques will as it were work for you after you’ve set up yourself as a specialist by reliably offering quality, profitable data for nothing. This is the main approach to fabricate trust, which will then persuade your group of onlookers to purchase whatever you need to offer.
Furthermore, it’s implied that setting up power and trust takes time. Try not to hope to profit from a blog following a couple of weeks or months of beginning.
In any case, in the event that you have effectively constructed a colossal taking after over the long run and have been considered a specialist by your gathering of people, at that point proceed to adapt utilizing one on the other hand a blend of these systems.

They’ll most likely work on the off chance that you have loads of profitable and sought after data.

Botton line

The best way to profit on the web is to offer something. Everybody who profits online offers something. What we offer, how we offer, who we offer to, and when we offer may contrast, yet, why we offer is the same: to make cash.

Presently, your turn… What do you think about this article? Do you have any complaints, commitments, or inquiries? Share your considerations by leaving a remark.
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